Connecting to the Joy in Writing

I have just passed my first anniversary on ‘Taking the Call’ from Mills and Boon.

In my mind I am a complete newbie to this amazing and challenging world of creative fiction which other people will – hopefully – want to read.

Yesterday I came across a brilliant, poignant and oh -so -true article by Stephanie Rowe about the importance of not letting the world and life crush your joy and satisfaction in creating the fictional world. Many thanks to Sia McKye for linking to it.

FINDING THE JOY resonated quite deeply with me, since there are times when it is tough to get out of bed in the morning and head for your pc and expect your brain to create something magical.

This is human nature and certainly not unique to writers. Many people have jobs where they wonder why happened to the joy and satisfaction they once hard in their work – off-days happen to us all.

But¬†other people tend to think that being a full time writer truly is ‘living the dream’ and they are right. And there are consequences of living that dream. No gain without pain.

Key Take Away for me?

FIND THE JOY. Then FIND THE JOY again. The keep on FINDING THE JOY – even if it means grinning madly to yourself each and every morning when you remember that you are not going to be living in a cube office in a room without windows for the next 8 hours.

Those of you who have met me in person know that sticking a big silly grin on my face does not come hard – but I also come from a business background and know that this is a serious business where you have to deliver, and keep on delivering the goods to your publisher who are there to make profit. Not a charity to cater to your needs. An international professional business who have wages to pay in a tough market. Books are luxuries to our readers.

The challenge is to Make the effort to Find the Joy in the creative Process which will carry you through the other 90% which surrounds the production of a book from the words you are typing.

Big smile. Find the Joy. Create some magic.

Go on. We both know you can do it.

Stephanie Rowe is a four time RITA finalist. Known for her high octane paranormal romances, her new romantic suspense, ICE, is her first foray into romantic suspense. Her chilling and sexy Alaska series hits the shelves this month, and has received high accolades from such publications as Publishers Weekly. For more info, see