I do hope that you don’t get sick of me

The release date for my latest Romance line Book ‘The Boy is back in Town’ -has been confirmed as November this year.

This has come as a delightful surprise – and rather a shock.

A shock? Here is my publication schedule for 2011.

 JANUARY – Unfinished Business -Always the Bridesmaid reprint Anthology

FEBRUARY – The Last Summer of Being Single – Hardcover and RIVA and March USA

APRIL/MAY- Novella The Ordinary King: A Royal Wedding Anthology

MAY- Her Moment in the Spotlight – RIVA and June USA

SEPTEMBER- Blind Date Rivals- RIVA

NOVEMBER – The Boy is Back in Town – RIVA

Gulp. Six books. SIX BOOKS! SQUEEE! Not bragging – just- SQUEEE!

Of course I have not written 6 books in 12 months – one is a repeat, and The Last Summer of Being Single was held over from last year to be part of the RIVA program – but still. I am mega chuffed. This is going to be a hard target to beat.

Just to show how fast things are moving, the May RIVA titles are now available on the Mills and Boon site http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/books/riva.htm – and wow, there are some terrific books.

I particulary love this cover – and it fits the story of my fashion designer who runs a gorgeous hand knitting shop perfectly. And just wait until you meet my mountaineering hero. Sigh…

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    1. Me too Nell. I am going to have to do some serious book re-distribution from my own shelves at this rate LOL

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