Lovely review

Hurrah! Book 13 for the Harlequin Romance line was submitted right on deadline, the sun is trying to break through the rain clouds and the reviews are starting to come in for my September Harlequin Romance release -‘My Greek Island Fling.’

Breath huge sigh of relief. Some reviewers love this book and the Paxos setting as much as I do.

Romantic Times Magazine for September says “Harrington’s characters are interesting, and the setting is enchanting.”

Julie Bonello had made my day by posting a very kind review on Cataromance. 

Nobody can juggle fun and flirty romance with intense emotional drama as brilliantly as the talented Nina Harrington and My Greek Island Fling is another stellar read from this first-class writer of romantic fiction. Poignant, witty and superbly written, this terrific tale of redemption, healing from the past and second chances will tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone as you will find yourself completely mesmerized by Nina Harrington’s sassy heroine, gorgeous hero and powerfully written romantic story.”


This kind of review makes all of the slog and serious hard work worth while.  Thank you Julie.

Better get on with the next one then! LOL.