My first Japanese translation

I LOVE receiving copies of my books which have been translated into other languages. 

There is nothing better to give me a boost in the middle of a long day when there is nothing in the house except me and the white wall and characters who have gone off in a huff and are now refusing to talk to me – then the postie arrives with a brown box with Harlequin stickers on it and I am on a roll.

Friday’s post delivery was extra special because it brough the first Japanese translation of any of my four books in print – Always the Bridesmaid. And it was fascinating to see how the pages and reading experience are totally different from ours.

This cover is on what we would call the back – but the reader opens the book at the ‘back’ and reads forwards. Fingers crossed that my readers in Japan will enjoy a story about a girl running an Austrian bakery in North London.


Did I mention that I love receiving foreign translations? Giggle.

More please.

8 thoughts on “My first Japanese translation

  1. Thank you Liz – I had great fun trying to work out the characters for my name before Mr Nina showed it to his colleague who spent many years working in Japan and could do the job in 2 seconds. And you are so right about the RIVA covers. I was especially pleased with the sunflowers since the book is set in a Languedoc farmhouse called the sunflower house = mas tournesol.
    Cool! Happy writing.

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