New Camera in the house


Our house has so many cameras that it is embarrassing.

So I even surprised myself when I asked for a new compact digital camera in advance of my birthday – which is not until September, but I do have pathetic excuses:

* I am on hols from this weekend, spending most of the time walking on Cephalonia and would love to try the new camera out on location.

* I want to travel light. For me this means – no camera bag, lenses, several layers of protective padding which needs to be unravelled before camera comes out. Camera has to fit into my bum bag/evening bag. NO TRIPODS! Yes, I have carried tripods plus camera bags across marshes/up mountain sides/ forests, the lot. And still have the shoulder strap marks.

* Security. This can be a big deal when you are carrying a conspicious camera bag and is a nightmare in airports/restaurants/public places, especially cities. I don’t want to spend time worrying if the camera is okay.

* technology has come so far in the last few years. The functions are amazing. I need more MegaPixels now because we display most of our photos on a 7ft projector or computer screen.

Result? I am now the owner of a compact camera the size of a playing card [ 3ins by 2ins and about an inch thick] which has 10 times the functions of my last digital and cost half as much. I have named her Loomy.

I love it.  There are a few things I am going to have to get used to – such as not having a viewfinder, and using the LCD screen – but I am very happy with the quality.

Here are a few examples from yesterday’s messing about in the garden using the auto macro function – ie. I don’t have to do anything but point the camera in the right direction and press the shutter.


On the work front – busy week ahead.

Tomorrow I have booked a place on a FREE half day workshop run by the Revenue on Self Assessment Tax returns for Sole Traders. I have more or less worked out the special rules for writers/ home working but have lots of questions to make sure that I am on the right track. As a newbie this is the right time to tick the boxes.

Wed I am going to Richmond to meet my editor then back to London for the RNA Summer Party.

Then frantic working on the curent project before flying off for 2 weeks on Sat morning.

More cake required. Happy writing.

2 thoughts on “New Camera in the house

  1. Thanks Kate – what a coincidence – but they do say that great minds think alike! LOL. I certainly will try out more of the features on hols.

  2. Nina, that camera is lovely. I have one of those, too (mine’s blue). The sunset mode is good as you get amazing saturation (that reminds me, I have rainbow pictures from the weekend to add to blog), and if you need a longer exposure you can wing it with the starry sky mode.

    You do get used to using the screen instead of the viewfinder, but if it’s very bright outside and the light’s in the wrong direction it can sometimes feel a bit hit and miss.

    On the whole, though, it’s great. And the 10x optical zoom works very well.

    Enjoy Richmond and the summer party, and enjoy your hols!

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