New Mills and Boon RIVA covers

I have been stalking Amazon for weeks waiting for the cover of my February 2011 RIVA book – ” The Last Summer of Being Single” to be released.

Hurrah! Here it is. And I am delighted. For a sneak peek at all of the RIVA covers go HERE.

The working title of this book was ‘The Sunflower House’ since it it set in a vineyard in the South of France in a house called ‘Mas Tournesol’. So pleased that there are sunflowers on the cover.

And here is the US cover – and I am so much in love with this cover. See Nina dance happy dance. It captures the ambiance of the story so well.

It will be fascinating to see if the new branding encourages more readers and new readers to pick up these far more mainstream single-title style covers.

4 thoughts on “New Mills and Boon RIVA covers

  1. Thank you Nell. It does capture some of the spirit of that part of France and my couple quite well.

  2. I am totally with you on the covers Rachael – and thank you, I do hope that you enjoy the book when it comes out – and my hero Sebastien IS divine. IMHO. Snarf.

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