Research can be so cool

I am writing a book where the heroine has an orchid nursery.

So of course I had to do a lot of research. Especially since I have never personally owned an orchid plant of my own before. Of course I have seen cymbidiums and moth orchids in hotels and restuarants etc but I am not one for house plants unless they are particularly fragrant.

Well that has now changed. Partly due to the stunning Phalaenopsis orchids on sale in the shops at the moment at great prices and partly because I adore this particular colour. Blush pink with deep purple lips and at the very centre – the moth part of the moth orchid – a speckled perfect image of a moth wing. Stunning.

These plants are from the air rooted group which need little care. I have to watch it a little since we have a controlled humidity unit – but there are two more spikes still to flower.

So welcome to my desk. My very first orchid. And I suspect the first of many.  I may be in love.

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