Revisions and sunshine

Phewww. Second round of edits are now with my lovely ed. Fingers crossed that she loves the extra projectiles I have hurled at my gorgeous Max – how could I be so cruel?

As a celebration for the submission Mr Nina dragged me away to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter movie – and for once the hype was valid. I loved it.

And all the time a girl called Lexi  has been tapping her foot and checking her watch and telling me to write faster because it is her turn next.

I am changing my writing process for what will be my 10th book – if my proposal is accepted- to speed up the writing of that discovery first draft . More to come on that if it pays off.

So no down time between books  – although I did notice a strange glow in the sky this morning which could be the sun peeeping through the heavy rain clouds.

I would really like to have some summer please. Garden, sunshine and a lounger would be very welcome right now.

Happy July!