Revisions and Wallpaper

The revisions have come back from the editors in under two weeks for book 4 for Mills and Boon.

So time to get working.

I would LOVE to have this book completed by the end of the year since the heroine in my next book – which I have not been contracted to write yet – has been whispering in my ear for the last few weeks – and I have just found the inspiration I needed for her hero. Sam Worthington, who I understand is great in the new Avatar movie.

Does he have the look of an adventurous documentary film maker?

[ pic credit – Reuters]

So pedal to the metal.

One useful tool – a checklist planner perfect for the Xmas season.

 Here is a nifty alternative to a diary and the back of a junk mail envelope.

ToDo Software – is something I will be looking at.  It is free and looks simple to use.

In the meantime – what do you think of the new wallpaper in my bedroom?

4 thoughts on “Revisions and Wallpaper

  1. Thank you Debs – I shall immediately start a program of intensive research on Mr W. LOL.
    The snow is a wordpress thingie and I can claim no credit for that one.

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