RNA Conference Greenwich 2010

What can I say?

*Brilliant location.  It was my first time in Greenwich and I loved it. Definitely a location to visit as a tourist. Already added to my list. Of course the superb hot weather added to the blissful views over the Thames.

*Brilliant company with familiar friends and making new friends with fellow writers who I have only ever spoken to online – so apologies if I spent a lot of time peering at your name badge and trying to connect it with the small photo on your blog.

*Brilliant workshops, presentation and making connections with other writers over coffee and food. What was particularly nice was the fact that there was enough room in the courtyards to find space and light away from the meeting rooms.

One particular highlight was discovering that there was a very good reason why wonderful music was wafting out from the open windows on the upper floors of the splended building next to ours – Trinity College School of Music is based there! Superb.

Strolling along in the late afternoon sunshine with live music drifting across the courtyard was just magical.

Lots of other authors are blogging about their own highlights but it truly was a very special conference for me.

I had a blast.

9 thoughts on “RNA Conference Greenwich 2010

  1. I am still buzzing Liz. Kate, Julie and Lacey. and quite right LIz – the time just flew by and there were so many people I never got a chance to say hello to.
    Best event I have been to all year – so far LOL

  2. Oh now you are making me blush Romy. I had not expected to see you at the Conference so it was one more added bonus. Best of luck for the rest of your stay in Britain. And thanks again for making me so welcome on your Blog.

  3. It was fantastic to meet you again Debs. I thought that it was inspiring that you brought your mum along – and a delight to meet her. What a team!

  4. It was wonderful meeting you there.

    To all your blog readers I’d also like to say that Nina is lovely, so friendly and approachable.

  5. Was lovely to see you (and for once we got a pic together!) – and agreed, fabulous location, inspirational workshops and excellent company 🙂

  6. It was truly one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. The location, the people, the workshops…absolutely amazing.

    Great to see you as always and I’m really glad you loved it too!

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