Sensory Inspiration

Most romance authors I know seem to use photos of their fav actors or actresses as inspiration during character development, and/or have a favourite song or playlist or movie idea to support certain scenes.

Me too.

Classical music is my background music of choice but for the scene I am currently writing in my Novella the movie ‘Dear Frankie’ is perfect. Enjoy Gerard Butler at his most non-Spartan. And the Backstreet Boys’ Lyrics are spot on:

In other news I am blogging today on the Harlequin Romance Writers Group Blog on summer reading and Novel vs Novella. Love to see you over there.

3 thoughts on “Sensory Inspiration

  1. Clearly ladies of great taste! Thanks Judy and Kate – it is good to know that I am not the only fan. And the lyrics are spot on for this scene – so good on you BackStreet Boys and wor Gerry. LOL

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