Starting a new story

Ah the excitement of a blind date with a hero who you have only heard about in hushed whispers of awe.

The thrill of the unknown. The excitement – and okay, the terror.

And every single time I start this process I find myself asking the same questions. Such as:  This story is about the emotional journey that the heroine takes – so what is my start point? And then-What does the end look like when the hero and the heroine are together?

WHAT is the Outcome at the end of this book? What will I have created?

 What I aiming for in this book is FUN read. This book is going to be a no holds barred, all out over the top wildly romantic story. A true Romance fantasy – a dream of love and success with a tender loving man who you can depend on and trust – someone who you can spend your life with who will adore you as a princess.

And of course this should be a Zeitgeist fantasy – a recession romance. Aspects of hope and the deep need and fantasy of personal happiness.

Oh – and this is going to be a speed write of the discovery draft. The kind of draft where punctuation is secondary to getting that story down so I can scupt it.

Well. that is the plan anyway. And I have given myself 2 weeks to do it.

Right. Rolls up sleeves and rubs palms together. Time to start building on those characters my editor loves and get them on the page.

 See ya soon.

5 thoughts on “Starting a new story

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Judy and Rachael – that is the goal. Now, the challenge is to conquer all of the other distractions and go for it. EEKK!

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