Talking about Holiday Movies on E-Harlequin

This morning I am over on the Harlequin Romance Authors Blog talking about holiday movies, and would love your company HERE.

In the meantime :

* I am off to the local branch of the RNA tonight for my Xmas gossip discussion on recent trends in romance fiction. In the fine tradition of the RNA shoes shall be inspected and much fermented grape juice imbibed.

* have treated myself to an early Xmas pressie and the new Annie Lennox CD  – ‘Christmas Cornucopia’ should arrive today.

Here is a taster. As always quality with a personal twist.

2 thoughts on “Talking about Holiday Movies on E-Harlequin

  1. The Amazon delivery finally turned up yesterday – hurrah! Blissful afternoon listening to album in front of open fire watching snow coming down. Much recommended.
    Hope your weather improves soon Judy and the post with it. 🙂

  2. Ooh I love Annie Lennox, she is fabarific. And I really want this album. Course I’ll have to buy it at the supermarket since we’re up the royal mail spout. But worth the trudge out! Hope you are enjoying it!

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