Throwing rocks at heros

Going off-line now for a few weeks – I  have the RNA Conference this Saturday and I need to focus on building a working draft of my latest novel.

I wanted this book completed by the end of the month and the opening and closing chapters are outlined, but I know that the middle is not there yet.

This is the grown up version of my YA hero Leo– now how can I treat him so BAAAAD?


I have three ideas on how to build his internal conflict and now comes the exciting, difficult, challenging, scary best part -that is, working through which of these options will throw the most rocks at this lovely boy.

How can I do it in a fresh way, without making it confusing?

So fingers to keyboard, since there is a lot to do.

In the interval, I leave you with some inspiration from the playlist for this story

I love the Bird York lyrics – and have used it before, but I could not resist. Leo does not see her coming and dives into the deep.