What’s Happenin?

Nina’s To Do List: Wednesday Dec 07 – [I still cannot believe that it is December already. What happened to the rest of the year? Slump.] Righty.

* Develop the masterful, lovely compelling characters for my latest RIVA book – which has to be shiny and gorgeous and sparkly and submitted by end Dec.

* Convince self that the daily word count is very doable – then go into corner with blanket over head, prefferably corner near radiator. Close curtains, put on instrumental music, burn stick to draw on the cave walls/ emulsion/ notebook.

* Scribble notes on storyboard  – see I do have some turning points.

* Work on copy edits of book ten which came in on Monday.

* Revise secret squirrel book which has been sitting in the drawer for years waiting for me to love it again – and I do, I do. It isn’t you dear old flame- it’s me. Cue reunion story in time for  first kiss on New Years Eve.

Plus –  laundry, cooking, diet, exercise, xmas cards, organising holiday for Feb, finding out why Ebay charged me a fee, social media because otherwise I would be even more of a basketcase writer talking to a blank white wall and you know how I love to talk, sorting out meeting of local conservation group, reading other people’s books about writing craft and self publishing, and trying not to be distracted by interesting things on blogs etc. [ attention span of a gnat ]

Perhaps the inspirational Danielle LaPorte can help? She is posting today about “how to accomplish great things quickly: when quick n’ dirty is totally genius.”

Even better, the stylish and lovely new Harlequin Romance Authors site has fab recipes for festive treats to keep me going and book giveaways.

So much fun… so little time. Have a great Woden’s day everyone.