Writing Highlights of 2010

2010 has been quite a year! As a newbie to the world of publishing, there have been so many ‘firsts’ that I just had to pick out of few highlights.

2010 certainly started with a bang and swept on like a tidal wave leaving me a little bedraggled on the shore by September. Still catching up now if the truth were told.

In  January my second Mills and Boon Romance Line book – ‘Hired: Sassy Assistant’ was in the shops in the UK and I ogled it in every supermarket in my town and Blogged about it here. Happy days. And yes, I did have a shocking head cold and braved a snow storm to get there.

AND Romantic Times gave it a 4 1/2 star rating and make it one of the Top Pics for January reading.

MARCH. I was thrilled beyond belief that my first Mills and Boon Romance Line Book “Always the Bridesmaid” was shortlisted for the RNA Love Story of the Year Award, and was delighted to attend the Pure Passion award ceremony in London. Blog report here. It was a genuine honour to be shortlisted in the company of such prestigious authors. I had a fab time.

Here I am with one of the other shortlisted authors, Natalie Rivers and previous award winner, Kate Hardy. And this time I did not have a head cold or felt like I had just run a marathon.

My good pal Jan Sprenger had the perfect heart shaped handbag for the day! And Jan is actually slim and tall – I was the one wearing the silly heels.

In May I visited Chamonix for the first time, then it was back for the launch of my third book “Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds” and of course, July saw the RNA Annual Conference in Greenwich which I thoroughly enjoyed – despite the memorable heat wave that weekend.

The summer was full of booklaunches for friends and colleagues, more holiday, the Mills and Boon author party, then it was back to work with a lot to get through before the end of the year.

Because of the delay between having a book accepted and seeing it on the shelves I actually sold 3 books in 2010 which will not be published until 2011 and there is another book on my editor’s desk which has had final polishing – and is expected to pass next week, so I am going to be cheeky and make that 4 since all the work was done at the start of December and I am already on the next book.

So the publishing schedule for the next 6 months looks like this:

* December 2010- Unfinished Business -“Always the Bridesmaid“in an anthology of 3 books – on the shelves in the USA and UK  now!*
* Feb 2011- “The Last Summer of Being Single” – Hardcover in UK* March 2011- “The Last Summer of Being Single” RIVA in UK and HRomanceUSA

* April 2011- Novella “The Ordinary King”: Royal Weddings anthology – JUST IN TIME FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!

* May 2011- “Her Moment in the Spotlight “- RIVA in UK

* June – “Her Moment in the Spotlight “- HRomance in USA

Books 7 and 8 to be confirmed. And so far they are both for the new RIVA line in the UK.

I am totally jazzed – and look forward to writing more books for Mills and Boon in 2011, a secret squirrel non-romance book which is still at the ideas stage, plus we have now booked 2 holidays in the sun between now and July.  Life is not going to be boring.

 Happy 2011 everyone. I wish you health and love. The rest follows. Love Nina

6 thoughts on “Writing Highlights of 2010

  1. I know, I know – I feel the guilt but not enough hours in the day at the moment and I suspect that 2011 is going to be even busier. Glutton for punishment? Moi? Snarf.
    Hugs right back at you. And I have added another photo to the Award list LOL xx

  2. What a fabulous year, girlie. Well done you!
    Only problem – you’ve been so busy, we hardly see you anymore.
    Hugs till next time

  3. What a fantastically productive year! I’m looking forward to all your releases.

    Happy New Year Nina!

    P.S Fabulous pictures! You look gorgeous and I’d love to steal your jacket.

  4. Thank you Nell and the same to you. It was such a thrill for me to share your day at the RNA awards when you won the Love Story of the Year Award for the second time. 2011 certainly has a lot to look forward to. 🙂

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