My new hero – the Charmer

The CHARMER: more than a gigolo, he creates fantasies.
He’s fun, irresistible, a smooth operator, yet not too responsible or dependable. He might be a playboy or a rogue, but he’s doesn’t commit to a woman easily. 
Susan Elizabeth Phillips has captured the Market with Dean Robillard in ‘Natural Born Charmer’ of course, but there are plenty of examples in her other books.

Janet Evanovich and Jenny Crusie tend to focus on Charmers too.

Rather a challenge to pin that man down into a committed long term relationship!

 What’s playing on my YouTube right now? Darren Hayes. 

2 thoughts on “My new hero – the Charmer

  1. Funnily enough I LOVE a charmer in fiction (not so much in real life) but you’ve picked some good ones above! Especially Rufus.

    Can’t wait to read yours! jx

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