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Here we are. Monday the First of August. Start of a new month and a new way of working.

As a follow on from yesterday’s post, I have decided that I will no longer allow the work to fill the time but grasp back control of what and how so that my story ideas will have a chance to be realised on the page.

Time to take control of that equation. [ Creativity] x [ Organisation] = [ Impact]

I am foolish and arrogant enough to believe that I have stories worth telling and they could have an impact and find readers. If I do not make them come alive through words on a page, nobody else will, and the characters who live inside my head will sulk or start talking to eachother out of boredom. Or worse, stop talking to me.

Yes I know that there is medication for this, but I prefer to exorcise the voices through fiction.

Righty.  Planning is very simple. All I have to do is:

1. Know where I am now.

2. Know where I want to be at the 31st August

3. Work out how I am going to get there – in detail

4. Committing to make those changes and take the steps necessary to get there. This is the hard bit and where I am just like anyone else. Sacrifice is hard. But for one month? I can do that. Bring it on.

Where am I now?

I have three writing projects which I need to work on during August.

*Project One is my new Mills and Boon Romance Line Book. Due End September, but I am on holiday for 9 days in September, so it is essential that I have a solid draft of the complete book before end August. That way I can come back after a break and edit the text with fresh eyes before submitting to my lovely editor. I love this writing and following my characters on the journey to love. Cannot wait to get started.

* Project Two is a very special crime book which has been burbling away since I wrote the first draft and its sequel some ten years ago. And it will not leave me alone. I believe that this story deserves to told and will find readers. Time to let those characters have a voice. I don’t have a contract for this book but I want to rewrite and reframe it and my personal goal is to have the new draft complete before the end of the year.

* Project Three is a local conservation group initiative in my home town and I have committed to a website and creating walking trails – before end September.

So three writing projects. All important to me for different reasons.

Now for the HOW – the action plan, because I know that this process is all about the Actions needed to make it happen. Talking about it and planning are over.

My Goal is to create a new working method in August which will:

* Break through the procrastination barriers caused by that rancid old lizard brain of fear and selfdoubt. If I don’t ship then I won’t have to face the criticism etc

* Help me focus on the writing as first priority by using a number of time management tools

* Increase my productivity by working on several projects in short focused bursts of concentrated effort with goals in a fixed and non negotiable period of time. I am not setting word counts at this point. I want the result to surprise me.

The words may be first discovery drafts where I know that I have to rewrite. But they will give my characters a voice and I am intent on listening to what they have to say.

That is the goal.

I shall be back on Saturday with an update on how the first 5 days went. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Nina is taking Action in August

  1. This is inspiring! I read a great tip in the book 59 Seconds that helped me. You not only write down your goals into small manageable steps (which I had heard before) you write down WHY you know you can achieve the goal, WHEN you’re going to finish the goal by and most importantly what you’re going to treat yourself to when you’re done.
    I still don’t always meet my goals, but this still helps.

  2. LOL Great post, Nina. It’s so rare that the ol’ lizard brain gets a mention and I get way to much enjoyment out of words like “goals” and “action plans”. I’m excited. Go, Nina!

  3. A whiteboard. Now there is an idea Nell. Thank you for that. I am using a print out calendar at the moment but a large whiteboard would be more visible. Cunning..

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