Proof Reading and a Lovely Review

It is great to have an in-house proof reader who spots mistakes in your manuscript the spell checker missed before you press send.

For Example, Mr Nina found this little gem yesterday: Chocolate mouse cake instead of Chocolate mousse cake. Yummy.

But ‘The Chocolate Book’ is now off my desk and with my lovely editor. If I had any nails left I would now be causing them serious grief. So it was lovely to read this uplifting review of ‘Her Moment in the Spotlight’ on CataRomance – HERE.

“An enjoyable romantic read that perfectly balances heart-warming pathos with feel-good fun, Her Moment in the Spotlight is Nina Harrington’s enchanting new novel for Harlequin Romance!

Her Moment in the Spotlight is a wonderful contemporary romance that I found charming, absorbing and moving. Nina Harrington is a terrific writer who creates likeable characters readers are sure to take to their hearts. I found Mimi to be a realistic, flawed yet resilient heroine and Hal was a strong and charismatic hero I absolutely adored.

Nina Harrington has written a spellbinding tale of powerful secrets, new beginnings, redemption and hope that will make readers chuckle as well as wipe away a tear or two. A poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day, Her Moment in the Spotlight is another first-rate keeper by Nina Harrington!”

Thank you Julie for making my day/ week/month. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Proof Reading and a Lovely Review

  1. Absolutely Lacey – and thank you for your kind comments. Sorry but if the book is accepted you may have to wait until next March or April to see it in print. But let’s just say that a lot of chocolate was injured during the making of that book. LOL

  2. That is a lovely review and so well deserved. I’m a chocoholic so I can’t wait to get my hands on your chocolate book. If it’s chocolate I’ll eat it. But mouse and chocolate… that’s where I’ve decided I should draw the line. It’s good to have boundaries 🙂

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