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Revisions were complete last week and are now sitting in the INBOX of my lovely editor – fingers crossed.

I am off on hols for a week Sat Afternoon, so it would be great to put this one to bed before I go, so perhaps fingers and toes need to be crossed.

This is going to be a walking holiday in Switzerland. Cue trainers and walking boots – and exercise galore. Shame that I have not spent much time in the gymn 🙁 .

Yesterday I managed about 6 km total and the plan is to increase it each day so that I do not have to use the ski lifts like this one all the time [ those safety bars are VERY thin and the seat is about 6 ins wide.] I don’t have a problem with heights, just when the chain stops when you are mid way, suspended a couple of 100 feet in the air with your feet dangling- and the wind picks up….and the chair starts to sway…

Although there are rewards at the top:


Time to think about the next book. Number four.

Perfect time to come a  great list of articles: HERE. Including a timely reminder of why it is vital to  take care of your health

Happy writing.

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