Revisions complete

The revisions to my latest manuscript for the Mills and Boon Romance Line have now been worked over so many times that I am in great danger of Over-Editing the life and stuffing of the book so it is time to leave my desk and into my editors Inbox.

Key learning points?

My hero was the problem. I thought that I had a powerful internal conflict for my lovely Hal – but when the book was submitted it simply did not sustain and create the battle of wills and ideas and emotional barriers which would prevent Hal and Mimi from being together.

I write alpha females – which means that the hero has to step up to make the grade.

So out with that internal conflict and in with  a new.

Oh boy but does my poor Hal have to suffer. The wounded hero. Big Sigh. I do hope that these changes are enough to get the book through.

I sometimes compare writing a romance to going on holiday where you are living in the same house as the heroine when the hero walks into her life. And you live there until they are together before going home to do your laundry before planning your next trip to see another friend.

But when revisions hit, you have to go BACK to the same loving couple. Who welcome you and all is well for a few days, until there are discreet questions about how long you were thinking of staying.

And second revisions? They are waiting at their front door with their arms crossed saying ‘Not you again! There is a kennel around the back but you are making your own breakfast.’

Wish me luck.

Now for a spot of R and R – for at least an hour.

 Robert Herrick verse: TO HIS BOOK

     Go thou forth, my book, though late,
     Yet be timely fortunate.
     It may chance good luck may send
     Thee a kinsman or a friend,
     That may harbour thee, when I
     With my fates neglected lie.
     If thou know'st not where to dwell,
     See, the fire's by.—Farewell!

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