My first Anniversary

This month marks my very first anniversary of being a published writer.


In July 2009 my first book for the Harlequin Romance line was published in the UK and USA.

I was so thrilled that I even held a Virtual Launch Party on this Blog to Celebrate.

‘Always the Bridesmaid’ will always be a very special book for me. it represented the end of one long journey, but also very much the start of another.

The End of One Journey

 I grew up in a small country town in rural Northumberland in the North of England.

One of my fondest childhood memories was visiting the Public Library with my mother, and staring in awe at the shelves packed with wonderful bright covers. Books opened up to me a world of excitement, danger and romance, and I have been a compulsive reader ever since.

 That sense of wonder has never left me. I adore books and writing and have been passionate about all my life. When I am asked how long it took me to get published, I can honestly reply “about 40 years.”

In 2002 I took a career break from my business life so that I could focus completely on learning the craft and write, and write, then write more. Two years later I took the decision not to return and to write full time, even though I did not have a publishing contract. I just knew that I had to make the sacrifice and give my dream and my passion the best shot I could.

‘Always the Bridesmaid’ was my tenth full length novel – and probably one of the shortest. I typed an awful lot of words before this book reached the Mills and Boon office in Richmond.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely. I was – and still am-  thrilled and excited to be part of the talented family of Harlequin Mills and Boon authors and the warm and welcoming community of romance writing around the world.

It still thrills me to meet award winning authors whose books I have enjoyed for many years and be welcomed as a colleague. [And more than a little in awe. But I still allowed to be a fan girl.]

But – best of all. I know that the characters and stories that I have created are being shipped around the world for the wonderful readers to enjoy. And that is the biggest thrill of all.

And the Start of Another Journey

A lot has happened since last July. My second book for the Mills and Boon Romance line is called : “Hired: Sassy Assistant” and was released in January 2010. My third ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds’ was released last month and book four, ‘The Last Summer of Being Single’ will be part of the new Riva Line in February 2011.

Wait  – this is more. I am working on final edits to book five and I have two more books and a novella before the end of 2010.

I knew that ‘Always the Bridemaid’ was very much the bottom step on a hopefully very long and shaky ladder and you never quite know what you will encounter on the way up, but… what a rush! My feet have hardly hit the ground.

And I would not have it any other way.

So a huge thank you to all the readers and fellow writers who have made this first year so special.

 Thank you all for sharing my journey and see you again soon. Nina. Laughing

Thanks to my friend Julie Cohen for capturing my mini book launch and very first signing EVER at our July 2009 RNA chapter meeting in Reading. It was wonderful to share this special day with my fellow writers and friends.

And yes, there were pink balloons, and yes, that is a hat and I did intend to wear it.

10 thoughts on “My first Anniversary

  1. Thank you Judy and I am blushing from all the kind words. You are very generous.
    And perhaps I should take to wearing my fascinator while doing my revising? On the other hand, mr Nina may fear that the people who live inside my head have told me to do it, and there is medication for that..LOL and thanks again, Nina.

  2. Huge congrats Nina. Wonderful story (and very inspiring to read it, as one who trudges on and wonders often if deluding herself as the books pile up on the computer).
    Your books have been wonderful. Your attitude is fabulous and grounded. You deserve all your success and more…can’t wait for new books and super scrummy heroes. Celebrate, and maybe even dig out the hat again…just because. jx

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