Shameless Self Promotion

I have woken up to the news this morning of the terrible earthquakes in Indonesia and Tsunamis in Somoa – so my good news seems terribly pitiful and somehow trite and uneffectual but using the priciple that I cannot do a lot from my desk in nice safe Southern England, here goes anyway.

I have sold my Third Book to Mills and Boon Romance Line!

The lovely editors emailed me yesterday with the good news that they liked the shiny polish I added to my hero. Big Spolier? They thought that he was the hunkiest yet!

What do you think of Celebrity Chef Brett Cameron? Blond, blue eyed, passionate, caring.

jason lewis

Who is brought to his knees by the only girl who knows him from the inside out – Sienna Rossi.

The book will be called ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds’  and I expect it to be published next year  as part of the Romantic Comedy MiniSeries- but no details as yet.

More news? ‘Hired: Sassy Assistant’ is my second book for the Romance Line due to be in the shops in January 2010 in the UK and the USA! Hurrah!

The cover of the 2 in 1 Imprint is now up on Amazon – and VERY EXCITED to see that I shall be sharing the pages with ‘The Daredevil Tycoon’ by the lovely Barbara McMahon. Can’t wait.


The single title cover is not there yet = which is curious, since the library edition is published in Novemember, but I shall be keeping an eye open for it.

Now I thought the hero of this book – Kyle Munroe had won over my editors’ hearts for ever, but these single girls!

In the meantime I am stripping wallpaper from my bedroom walls and thinking through new storylines while the editors decide which of my story proposals will become Book Four.

Happy writing.

8 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Thank you Romy, Debs and Judy – if you liked Jared in ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ I think you might just have to swoon over Kyle in book two and extra swoon over Brett in book three. Problem is, Romy, how to make the hero of book four even MORE hunkalicious! I totally jazzed about getting started. LOL.
    Thank you ladies. Your kind thoughts do mean a lot. 🙂

  2. Fabulous new and possibly the best title in the world!? Big hugs Nina. You deserve it. And I can’t wait to buy them.
    You have a wicked way with heroes methinks milady!

  3. Nina, that’s wonderful! A double helping of good news. Congratulations and good luck with Book #4. Isn’t starting a new book so exciting?

  4. Fab news, Nina.

    And don’t you dare feel guilty. This is the sort of thing we need to hear about in the wake of large-scale tragedy – proof that there are still good things in life.

    Really pleased for you. Well done!

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