The horror, the horror

I need cake.

My ancient kitchen is going to be ripped out starting Monday.

In 1994 we walked into a1970s strip pine kitchen complete with dark pine clad ceiling, pine units, stripped pine doors and windows and vinyl floor.

It was actually two rooms knocked into one at some point in the past so the floor levels and walls are all out of alignment and unusual shapes, and I have only replaced white goods and painted over the surfaces in the years we have been here to create a light and airy space.

I still use the same gas hob and same cooker etc – they have to be 20 yrs old and have worked brilliantly – but are starting to let me down now. Especially the gas oven.

Time to make a change.

New floor, ceiling and lighting, plumbing, electrics, cabinets, worktops, hob and oven… well you get the idea. The lot.

The builder thinks it may take up to 2 weeks. Depending…

Since I am accustomed to having a relatively quiet home during the day I may find the next 2 weeks…. challenging.

Exciting! Absolutely! But challenging… I may be working in the evenings for the next 2 weeks.

Bye bye old kitchen. Hello new.

10 thoughts on “The horror, the horror

  1. Of course there will be pic Lacey. The plan is to take some at the end of each day to check for progress. Pumbling, and… ah, the joy of ducting extractor fans through roof spaces.
    i am still in fear of what they are going to find in the pine clad ceiling. EEK! LOL

  2. Thank you Nell – and to you. Loved your book – very emotional read. And I adored ‘Crystal Clear.’

  3. Thanks Kate – I am sure it will be worth it. Oh that coffee shop sounds good but since I am here on my own all day I am not allowed to leave the premises. I shall be sneaking out to the shops like a vampire late at night.
    Mr Nina has booked ONE day off so that he can take over – a certain day next week. And that does make me smile. Hugs to you in person 🙂

  4. Thanks Debs – I am sure you are right. Work expected to take about 2 weeks. So far tiles are off the walls and most of the units are out. I DO have a working sink and a hob for today.
    Poor tradesman is having a terrible time getting my old built in gas oven out. I have left him too it!

  5. Hi Judy. I have several sheds already stuffed with treasures or freezing cold. There is a greenhouse which has potential – if sunny like today 🙂
    Thanks for the offer of the earmufs but I could not deprive you. Cake is a GOOD idea. LOL

  6. It sounds like my worst nightmare, just keep reminding yourself of how fabulous it will look when it’s all finished 🙂 Will there be pictures?

  7. Am glad I will be seeing you in about 11 days so I can give you a big hug in person and reassure you that the kitchen will eventually be fantastic and you will be so glad you did it. Having remodelled ours, which involved walls being knocked down and doors being bricked up/inserted in different places – not to mention all the hassle when we had the leak and the floor came up again, right down to the foundations, with cupboards and white goods out – I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that it’s not that bad.

    But to survive the chaos – I think you need to find a nice little cafe to write in. One that sells good coffee and even better cake. 🙂

    (Bad influence? Moi? Exit, cackling…)

  8. I feel your pain.

    We had a new kitchen a few years ago and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. So hopefully they’ll be quick and soon have your kitchen sorted out.

  9. Do you have a shed you could move into?
    I have some barbie earmuffs I could send if that would help…definitely use cake to cushion the blows. jx

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