Want to write for Harlequin?

If you ever had aspirations to write for Harlequin – and the huge range of subgenres and stunning romances published every month – then here is your chance to learn the Craft and Business tools you need.

Go HERE to connect to the ‘ So You Think You can Write’ Website and the programme for a whole WEEK of superb presentations and information from November 1 – 5.

Absolute gold dust.

So do mark your calendars for the first week in November. I certainly have.

In other news I was lucky enough to see the Houston Symphony Orchestra last night giving a performance of Holst’s The Planets.

Absolutely brilliant – and they did something really clever. They had a huge projection screen behind the full orchestra and as each piece was played, there was actual images of each planet in High Def. AND a commentary from astronauts and space industry workers in Houston.

Vision. Sound. Imagination. Emotion. Just love it.

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