Summer Holiday

There are swifts in the sky, the rain is lashing down and the roses are being blown about before I have a chance to love them.

Must be summer!

A lovely local taxi is whisking us off to Heathrow at the very civilised hour of 5.30am for two weeks in Cephalonia where they are many opportunities to ogle the Greek coastguards and create mini sagas about the handsome sailors and divers who arrive on luxury jachts in our very pretty harbour.

In honour of the weight limit for baggage, I have restrained myself to 6 romances and 2 thrillers. I suspect there will be a dash for the airport special editions at Heathrow. Paper. Pens. Sunblock. Sorted.

See you all in two weeks and happy writing.

4 thoughts on “Summer Holiday

  1. Hey! Hope the holiday was ultra-fab and relaxing, and that you’ve come back fully re-charged for the next masterpiece.

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