The truth about being a reclusive writer

1. You submit your novella to your lovely editors and smile as the tension leaves your shoulders. YES!  Fingers crossed they love it – quite different twists.

2. You are now on a well earned holiday for a week. YES! decided to stay in UK for a change. After all, forecast is for sunshine and there is so much fun stuff to do/places to go. UM.

* flight carrying guest is on time. Only Mr Nina is driving from London on a Friday evening. 2 hours later…

3. Saturday is fine! But the forecasters lie. It is raining from Sunday. Walking in rain. Gardening in rain. cold and wet and windy driving.

4. Between Friday fit as a fit thing and Monday, I have been out of house three times. In that time I have caught a stomach bug/virus/noro that is going around the area. Guest has mild case, Mr Nina no effect.


* Stand outside fav restaurant and do not want to eat one thing. Back home to bacon butties for everyone else. Sniff.

* Have to pull out of hen night party  for neighbour. Double sniff.

* Feeling better – head down to railway station for long planned trip to London for art gallery, river trip and lunch at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants. Been booked for ages. Get as far as platform – and turn around and head home again. Dry toast for lunch. Mega sniff.

And now it is raining again. And I have no interest in work of any description.

Can someone please remind me next year that there is a good reason I always go away on holiday?

And leaving the cave is greatly overrated.

 Thank you.

6 thoughts on “The truth about being a reclusive writer

  1. Big hugs, Nina. Missing out on a long-planned treat is awful. Hope you’re on the mend PDQ (and definitely before Friday next week!). Hugs also to Judy – shingles is no fun, either.

    Sounds to me as if you both need a couple of duvet days with good books, good films, and someone bringing you a nice cool drink every so often.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Judy and Nell – hopefully will be better just in time to go back to work Monday. And big hugs on the shingles Judy. Total sympathy on that.

  3. Oops. Pressed send but I meant to say, I love the look and the tweetie bird. V nice and v chic and fun and authorly. Lovin’ your work.

  4. Aw Nina. Major commiserations and on your precious week off too. Alas on Gordon Ramsay restaurant. That is just too too sore when planned for ages.

    Norovirus is yuk Had it once at New Year. Not the best Hogmanay of my life.
    I’ve just had shingles so let’s buddy up in a very ill and despondent way. hugs jx

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